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Since there's much misunderstanding, especially in foreign media, about meaning and purpose of recently proposed change of our Constitutional law, we feel appropriate to correct these misinterpretations. Is it a “terrorist hunting permit”?

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Dear Mrs. Ford,

We received certain information that the Commission, S&D and Greens are strongly pressing on you to accept limitations which were agreed upon by Council, with reasoning that “something must be banned“. Some other shadow rapporteurs are allegedly willing to accepts those demands. We would like if you could pass our position on this matter to them.

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It would appear that the last insidious attempt to disarm citizens comes from the EU. However, that is only a partial truth. The EU, or the EC, diligently follows "a recommendation of independent experts", where one hundred percent of these "independent experts" originate from two very reputable non-profit organizations that are so fanatic in their belief in gun bans, that they even want to disarm victims of the Islamic State. In this article we are going to look into them.

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A lot has been written about the European Commission’s proposal for banning most semi-automatic firearms and even making possession of an air-gun from grandfather in the attic a criminal offense. Despite this, a lot of journalists, as well as Members of European Parliament, still believe that Proposal COM2015(750) is indeed harmless and does not really ban almost anything; on the contrary, they think it would protect Europe from criminals.

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Dear colleagues,

Since I am writing to you from The Czech Republic, allow me to introduce our country first. In our republic, the ownership and carrying of firearms is truly legitimate, guaranteed by law to any adult, legally competent and law-abiding person. Firearms license is shall-issue (anyone who fulfills the given requirements of the law has legal right to get it). Permit to own B - category firearm is shall-issue, as well as permit for concealed carry. We own handguns, we use them for sport shooting and carry them for personal protection. We own semiautomatic rifles of military patterns, we shoot them in various sport competitions, and we practice with them in case that our beloved country needs its citizens to be prepared for its defense.

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